Most Supportive Vlogger – Heather!

You’ve seen her in your comments (if you haven’t, it’s probably a fluke that she missed your channel). You’ve seen her enthusiasm in her own videos. I’m willing to bet if we’d asked you all who the most supportive member of WBWV was, we’d get sick of you all telling us the same person.

It’s Heather, of course!

She’s been with WBWV for as long or longer than I have, and I feel like this year her videos are somehow more enthusiastic and spot on!

If you haven’t already, check out her video on kindness, we all know she’s got that one down!

Thanks for all the support, Heather! We all love your face too!

Featured musical vlogger(s?)!

If you’ve been around here before, you probably already knew that this day would be a fantastic day from one vlogger in particular. She’s done lip sync videos before and if anyone does them with more enthusiasm, I’ve certainly never seen it.

Of course it’s Laura!

Go let her know that you will always love her lip syncing and get your dance on while watching her production that was all done in a hotel room!

This is kind of a double feature though, because one of our vloggers actually won a singing contest this month!

I haven’t seen a video from her for today, but go watch Sandy’s video from the Country Showdown she was in earlier this month!

First Crier! Sheryl!

Ok, so that name sounds kind of weird, but that’s the obvious part of what Sheryl actually did with her video about regrets. She opened up, like big time, no matter how vague she was.

It takes a crazy amount of courage to not only be honest to a camera like that, knowing that you intend to share it, but then actually post it! Sure, it’s a little easier with our crew because we know everyone is going to be supportive, which is exactly what happened, but it’s still scary!

And then my favorite part happened, the next day Sheryl followed it up by assuring us that she’s taking steps to help get her through that stuff that made her cry! How amazing is that!?

We’re super proud of Sheryl and hope that you help us show her support.

Please also follow her example and share the stuff that you need some support with, we’re here, we care and we love your face!

Featured VEDAran – Cody!

The only feature who knew ahead of him that he’d be featured, because we wanted to be sure of which category to put him in! While yes, he has vlogged with WBWV before, but it was a little different.

Do you ever see someone and feel like you knew them from somewhere? I definitely had that for a few days with Cody. Then I creeped on his instagram and realized why! His intro video will tell you better than I can though!

We’re super glad to have Cody vlogging with us, if you’re not already subscribed, don’t stop with his first video, go subscribe and show him some love!

FEATURED #winetoreach All Star – THE Dallas Greene

If you’ve never checked out #winetoreach, you’re definitely missing out. It’s a live video chat with Google Hangouts that brings us together on a whole different level than watching videos can.

When the admins talked about having a #winetoreach All Star feature, there was no doubt about who it would be!

If I remember correctly, last year right before VEDA, there was a new face in #winetoreach one night, and we ended up convincing that lovely woman to join us for VEDA! I’m not sure how she found her way there, and I could actually be totally wrong about how I met her, but either way I’m super glad to have Dallas as part of our group!

Since that first time I met her, she has rarely missed a #winetoreach and she’s one of the most supportive people during VEDA!

If you’re not already watching Dallas, check out her video below about her screen name and then make sure to subscribe to her already!


Like I said the other day, veterans, or VEDArans as some of us call them will be featured as well as some great newbs.

This time we want to make sure you haven’t forgotten about Ian!

We’ve always loved Ian’s videos, but this year he seems to have stepped up his game a bit!

Yo WordPress, what gives? I had a whole thing on this that was about Ian’s beard and all that, but now you decide not to share that? That’s cool, I’ll just have to edit you later.

Ian, we love you and I apologize for not making sure this was adequate!

And it surprises no one that I definitely had a comment about Ian’s beard in here before. It’s looking lovely!

#winetoreach: VEDA Edition

Do you like drinking, chatting, Internet friends (new or old), and putting on fake beards and tiaras? If you said yes to any of those, then you should clear your schedule for this Friday evening and join us for a special #winetoreach event!

#winetoreach is a sometimes weekly, sometimes “hey, I am bored, anyone around?” event that takes place on Google Hangouts. It is a great event that allows you to connect with your Internet friends in a way that you normally wouldn’t be able to.

This weeks #winetoreach will be on Friday at 7pm (PT). You can click here and it will take you to the Google+ page, where you can get a reminder once the event starts.

I may not be participating in VEDA this year, but as the recurring host of #winetoreach, I hope to see your faces this Friday!


We’ve got a new twist this year, in that we’re featuring some vloggers throughout the month!

There will be features on Newbie Vloggers, (which means new to WBWV, not necessarily new to vlogging) Veteran We Blog We Vloggers, some top commenters, and just some people we enjoy a lot!

First up is the amazingly courageous Kain.

If you happen to have missed Kain so far, they came into VEDA totally enthusiastic and taking on Book-Tube-a-thon right from the get-go which I happen to think is admirable already, any then came their day two video. They added in a little something that had been forgotten in their intro video.

If you haven’t watched it, clickity clack that play button below and check it out.

We’re all stoked to have Kain with us and can’t wait to learn more about them throughout the month!

While the 4 admin are probably pretty good on being able to find vloggers to feature, please let us know if there’s someone that you think is extra fabulous and deserves a shoutout!

#VEDA 2015 is a go! Almost.

Hello friends,

We’ve been very remiss in updating the website this year, so with less than 72 hours to go (in Australia, at least) it seemed time to rectify that!

If you haven’t signed up yet, you can do so here:

The calendar of topics is now live, and we’re really excited about it. There are more general themes than we’ve had in the past, with similar sorts of topics all falling on a particular day of the week. Huge thanks to Katherine for putting it together!

(As always, be aware that the calendar is set up in Australian Eastern Standard Time, so if the topics seem to start on July 31st for you, that’s why.) [This is now corrected! The calendar should now load in your respective time zone. -Nico]

1. Charge your camera battery. Seriously.
2. Apologise to your router. It’s going to be a busy little bee over the next month.
3. Tell YouTube that you want to monetise your account (you don’t actually have to use adverts) because that means you can schedule videos, which is a freaking lifesaver.

That last one is key, as it’s a big part of how we keep this thing feeling like a community. If you don’t see your name on the list, give us a shout out on Twitter @weblogwevlog (or in the comments below) and we’ll sort it out.

Happy vlogging, friends.

Love all your faces,
Kirsti, Emily, Katherine and Nico.

Ready…get set…


Well. Not yet. But #Vlogmas starts on Monday morning in your time zone of choice, so now is the time to get prepared! Here are a few things you can do between now and then if you’re too excited to wait.

  1. Make sure your camera battery is charged and that you have space on your memory card.
  2. Go and follow your fellow participants on Youtube and Twitter! The list is here. Don’t forget to check back regularly for updates.
  3. Check out the topics calendar. (And if the first topic is on November 30th for you, it’s probably because changing each individual event to GMT was far too difficult so all the topics are listed under Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time. Sorry not sorry.)
  4. Start planning your responses and stocking up on snacks.

As always, the topics are merely suggestions and you don’t have to do every topic if there’s something you’d rather talk about on a particular day.

And any questions can be directed to Emily or me in the comments or via Twitter on the @weblogwevlog account! (If you signed up, but you’re not on the participants’ list, let us know ASAP!!)

Happy #Vlogmas, friends. It’s going to be a fun month.